For Local Food and Dine-In,  VP will Delight! 

VP Square would like to hear from the communities we serve. We would like to update the “About US” section on our Facebook page ( and website ( ).  Instead of us self-describing or having a stagnant description, we invite anyone and everyone who wishes, to send us a message, or post on our page, a description of VP Square.

Feel free to describe our food, dinning atmosphere, staff, location, parking etc. as you, our community, view us. Feel free to research us more, including our founder and family, who owns and operates Café Mochi on South Grand as well. ( ) If you would like to contact us to get deeper insights into the history or process of our business origination and journey, please do so by emailing us at (  

Please note that the description may or may not be used, but if chosen, you will be given credit for your description. Proof of authorship of your words is desired and may come in the form of publicly posting on our page, or by sending us a message which, in such a digital age, will be time and date stamped. We may check the veracity of the words to ensure plagiarism has not occurred. If we chose your description, we would like to communicate with you briefly before we add your work to our “About Us” section.

While we are not offering any treat or reward for this description, (because extrinsic rewards are fleeting) we hope that you will have satisfaction simply knowing you have contributed to our business, and thusly our community by allowing your words to be heard and seen (because intrinsically motivated work is manyfold rewarding and longer lasting).

“What the superior man seeks is in himself; what the small man seeks is in others.” ~Confucius~


Lastly, please also know that the description may at some point in time be archived, and a new description arise. Why?  Impermanence is the rule of nature, and so, we wish not to go against nature and become egotistical in words, morals, or deeds. If a desire for permanence comes from egotism, then we are needlessly trying to produce (or hold onto) something which is unproduceable (or unkeepable). Therefore, we hope to refresh the waters of engagement from time to time, incorporating our fellow community members.

“Rest and be kind, you don’t have to prove anything.” ~Jack Kerouac~

“Temper Justice with Mercy.” ~Adapted from Biblical Readings


3611 Juniata St, St. Louis, MO 63116

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